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Nurse Compression Socks

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it’s no secret that we love nurses! However, If you are a nurse (or if you have a nurse in your life) you know that they spend a lot of time on their feet. That's why we found the #1 Life Hack for Nurses and health professionals. 

Arch Support

Graduated Pressure

Reduces Leg and Ankle swelling

Prevents and Treats Varicose Veins

Cuts down Fatigue and alleviates soreness.

 "Reduction in fatigue and pain experienced by nurses can be made possible by compression socks."

As nurses, we have to stay on our feet all day long, that comes from working 12 hour shifts, and prevent chronic venous diseases. All with a cost-efficient Auplift Nurse Compression Socks! By providing your legs with proper support, you can reduce the chance of developing varicose veins, blood clots spider veins and other chronic venous diseases- even after work!  


 Ditch the pain. Enjoy less fatigue, more comfort, and smoother blood circulation. The bottom line is nurses should be wearing compression socks.


1. Provides warmth and alleviated soreness/fatigue that comes from being on your feet all day. 

2. Prevents and treats varicose veins by allowing blood flow to flow freely towards he heart without casing pools or clots.

3. Reduces swelling in the legs and ankles-Gets rid  of aching and pain.

4. Enhanced muscle + joint stability

5. The double-knitted top allows your socks to stay up thorohout your day without having to pull them up

6. Our premium and breathable design means that you'll have a longer lasting sock compared to other brands

7. Graduated pressure from the ankle up at around 20-30mmHg. This means that you will have a snug and supportive fit throughout your whole leg without it being too tight or too loose. the perfect amount of compression!

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