Stacking Balancing Blocks

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Stacking Balancing Blocks

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Looking for a unique toy that delivers hours of play while inspiring your child's imagination and development?

When very young children spend too much time tapping and swiping on a tablet or smartphone, instead of using their hands, they miss the opportunity to use their hands to develop fine motor skills and improve brain function.  Our solution was to swipe to tell parents to swipe that tablet for Balancing Blocks instead.

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Reignite the imagination of the whole Family?

The  Geo Stacking Balancing  Blocks ™ is a fun learning game  is the perfect way for children to build coordination skills by stacking the unique balancing blocks.This unique and assemble DIY set encourages you to make countless designs and models.


As a child stacks, our Geo Stacking Blocks  your child's attention logical thinking, improves their hand eye coordination, visual attention , focusing skills and enhance their ability to think using shapes. These Blocks will improve your child's cognitive function, color and shape recognition. 
Our Geo Stacking Blocks
  • Improves Coordination: Encourages development of dexterity, logic, and reasoning skills.
  • Open-Ended Play: Balancing blocks allows children to build freely and creatively, letting the wonder of imagination run wild.
  • Unplugged Toy: Ages 2-10 need hands-on, sensory toys, and rock blocks are sure to satisfy. No screens/batteries needed.
  • Captivating + Challenging: The best toy to keep kids, and the whole family, entertained and happy!
  • Child safe, non-toxic wooden, and eco-friendly building blocks.
  • Sourced in the USA. Each product weights about 190g.

Wood stones are wood balancing blocks that are are meant to resemble stones.

With so many different shapes and sizes, they are fun to hold and stack. 

Fun for all ages!!!


Wooden stones blocks make a great unique gift for that hard to shop for person. These also make beautiful and classy decorative pieces. Put them in a glass dish, stack them on your dining room table, coffee table, or desk and watch people ooh and ahh (and try not to play with them).

Wooden stones originated in Japan.

Each block is made with the finest 100 year wood and coated with natural paints.


  • Colorful stack stone * 5
  • Or Colorful stack stone * 10
  • Or Colorful stack stone * 16
  • Or Wood color stack stone * 10


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