3 reasons why your dog needs a doggy bed.

Let's face it Most dogs sleep for 12 hours a day. Choosing the right bed is essential. Giving your pet a bed of his/her  own ensures the this beloved member of your family enjoys the safety, comfort, and warmth of home, too. Below we will discuss the three major reasons why pets need beds as well as how to choose the perfect bed for him/her. 


1. Older Dogs Need Extra Joint Support

Unfortunately as dogs get older many suffer from joint pain and arthritis.  Dog beds gently support your dog’s joints and pressure points, which can help ease his transition from lying down to standing, and help manage symptoms of arthritis in older dogs.

2. Dog Beds Improve Dog Health:

And any dog bed style will help prevent the sores and chafing that can occur when dogs spend hours on a hard surface.

3. Having a bed minimizes fur around the home:

Having a dog bed helps minimize fur and dander in other locations around yur house. Of course, wherever your dog roams, he’ll leave some hair and dander in his wake. However, if 


How to choose a good quality bed?

choosing a good quality bed is of upmost priority we recommend the Comfy Calming Bed 



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